The self-doubt fairy [Free Pep Talk Audio]

Do you have one? I do.

I think, if we are all being honest, we all do. Even the most confidence, most accomplished business owner has one.

The self-doubt fairy is the little voice that sits in your mind, picking away at the things you are doing, picking away at the flaws, the weaknesses, the things you don’t know. It is the little voice that keeps you playing small and that stops you from moving forward, from taking action and from just giving things a go.

You see, no one knows anything when they do something for the first time. Everything is always done for the first time once. And it is totally natural and normal to have worries and concerns about whether it will be any good, whether it will work blah blah blah. But until you give it a go you won’t know.

Today I wanted to share a little pep talk audio with you about dealing with the self-doubt fairy. Listen to it whenever you feel like you need a little kick up the bum, when you feel that the self-doubt fairy is taking over.

I hope it helps.

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