An Easy Way to Stay on Trend in the Wedding Industry.


To be seen as an expert you need to keep up with what wedding trends are on the horizon. This not only makes you look super profess with your brides and grooms but it also helps you to generate new products and services that are going to be BANG ON trend which will be awesome for your wedding biz for lots of reasons (i.e. you may become the next hot thing! Imagine if you have been #1 on the rose gold trend, the geometric trend, the marble trend!).

But I get that you do not have hours each day to keep on top of what is going on in the industry so I wanted to share a really practical way that you can stay on top of trends and fuel your creativity.  Let me introduce you to BlogLovin’. I blogging love it! BlogLovin’ brings together blogs from all over the web into one handy dandy newsfeed which generates based on your interests. BlogLovin’ allows you to “Discover what’s popular in fashion, beauty, interior design, food & more. Find new interesting blogs or simply stay up to date with what’s hot right now.” [Source:].

In the video below I show you how you can set up BlogLovin’ and share with you some ideas of how you can use it really effectively in your wedding business.

Also, you can add your blog to BlogLovin’ so you could be appearing in someone elses’ newsfeed (like your brides!) and think can be a a HUGE way of growing your business! That is a blog for another day, but just bear in mind, this is something you can be part of by starting to write epic blogs and doing a bit of techie stuff (like adding some code to your website – don’t freak out, I can show you how!).

So watch the video and get addicted to BlogLovin’ (just remember to NOT let it take over your life…top tip: I check my BlogLovin’ emails once a week when I am looking for some inspiration)


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