Stop being nasty

We all have insecurities about how we look and how we sound. It is kind of natural, especially as women, we are always so super critical of ourselves.

We say things to ourselves that we would never even think about saying to anyone else.

We can be really horrible to ourselves.

Think about the thing you always think about yourself that you don’t like, the negative things you say about it in your head, to yourself. Would you ever EVER say them to anyone else? Even someone you don’t like? I am pretty sure you will say “No! Never!” here because you are a nice person *I can tell!*

So why do you say them to yourself?

Being self-employed it can be really hard to stop this happening, the negative self-talk, because we are with ourselves for so much of the day, we are inside of our own heads. We are constantly judging, looking, being critical of what we are doing, even when we have done something that is pretty damn good – we still pick faults.

I am saying this from my heart and I am sure I am not alone with this!

You know what stops me from being in my head too much?

  • I journal. I try to do it every day but that doesn’t always happen, so I don’t feel guilty about it.
  • I make time for creativity. Creativity is an important personal value for me and it helps me create time to be inspired for my business too. At the moment I am in nesting mode in prep for Baby Etheridge to come into the world, so I am knitting at the moment (and reading a lot which is nothing really to do with bump, but it helps inspire me).
  • I have a community around me. When you are a solopreneur (in other words, just you and the cats all day every day) you NEED to connect with other people who “get it” otherwise you go crazy. I connect with the ladies inside my Wedding Biz Club every day and I am also part of a wonderful mastermind that keeps me sane.
  • I think about what holds me back, my insecurities, and I look for solutions to them. If you want to know my two biggest insecurities, then sign up for the free Instagram Stories Challenge that starts tomorrow and take a look at the prep work videos – this challenge will give you some community as well over the next week.  SIGN UP HERE>>>

So, what is the message here?

It’s simple.


Try to minimise the negative self-talk for the next week, notice when you are doing it and try and stop it.

Be kind to yourself. Be nice. Just like you are to other people in your world.

With lots of love on this Sunday


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