Does the thought of SEEING and HEARING yourself on camera totally freak you out?

I get it – I really really do. 

When I started my business I was so petrified to put myself out there that I just hid. For ages. Hiding behind the logo, the brand, the things I was doing.

And then I realised that when I was buying ANYTHING, whether it was a programme to build my business, a product to use on my skin, a handmade gift for a friend, essentially anything that was handcrafted by someone and not made on mass by a department store, I wanted to know who I was buying from.

I remember planning my wedding and searching for the suppliers I wanted to use. This was a time when I was still in my corporate days so it was before I had my own wedding business and before I started teaching other wedding businesses how to grow, so I had a very raw experience of searching, deciding on and booking our wedding suppliers, just like many of your brides do.  I remember one of the key things to choosing who we did was not price, it was how confident we felt with them – would they deliver what we wanted and meet (if not exceed) our expectations. That was really the key criteria. Would they show up on the day. I wanted to KNOW the person who I was trusting to turn up and do my wedding. I needed that confidence.

And you know what, the only way of getting that confidence is by standing tall and letting yourself step out from behind the brand.

And that is what I realised way back when when I started my business – I needed to be SEEN. I needed my clients to SEE WHO I really was & I knew that this would build the confidence that they had in me (which would mean they would ultimately invest in me).

Knowing this spurred me on to break through the scary, pee my pants, petrified-ness of doing that first video. But when I did my first ever video, it was BEFORE Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, it had to be an “official” YouTube video…and that was even more scary.


Because YouTube was “proper”. There are so many polished videos on YouTube and that is kind of what you expect when you watch a video there. Whereas nowadays (that makes me sound like my mom!) Instagram Stories makes it easier than ever to have a go without all the super scary pressure of perfection.

Yes, even with using more instant tools such as Insta Stories you still need to be professional and on brand – everything you do in your business is a reflection of your brand after all. So you don’t want your dirty washing in the background or to go on camera looking like a hot mess (this will not build the confidence we are trying to get), you do not want to have something in the background that shows lack of attention to detail (like that house plant that is sprouting out the top of your head!!!)– this will leave a subliminal negative effect on your brides about your lack of attention to detail – not something that anyone wants.

Insta Stories has made it so much easier to start getting confident with being on camera BUT I still get that it is scary.

That is why I want to help you build the confidence that you need to grow your wedding business and Insta Stories is a great place to start because it also ticks the visibility box as well.

Join me for a free 5 Day Instagram Stories Challenge where I will be sharing with you some top tips and tricks to get you using Insta Stories as part of getting out there to your brides.

We start 26 Feb!

Register here, it’s totally free and there will be a pop-up Facebook Group so you can get my support and practice in a safe place.

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