Are you in control of your time? If not, let me introduce the curate process to you.

I know time and getting things done is one of the hardest things about being a business owner. I used to feel the time thing, and still do on occasion, but, one day I was just like “I need to find a better way” so I did.

And that is how my Curate process came about.

And that is what I have put into a wonderful online course so you can start to make the best use of your time, taking conscious action that will grow your business.

This is the curate process I teach inside of the course.

Chapter One – Getting Ready

In this chapter we focus on where you are right now with my review and reflect exercise. This is a really powerful exercise to make sure you have clarity about what position you are currently in and this ensures you make a plan that fits with that. There is no point in trying to make a plan until you are clear (and honest) about where you are in your business.  We also look at two of the important foundations for your growth – knowing where you are right now using the review and reflect exercise at the foundation and knowing who you are selling to which is a crucial step.

Chapter Two – Getting Clarity

In this chapter we really get stuck into your business and we talk about setting intentional goals so that you have something really exciting to work towards – this is a great motivator! We start to talk about and get the foundations set for your profit plan by looking at how much you want to earn in your business and what products/services you need to sell to get you there – this a part of the course I love because it really gets you to think strategically (but in a really easy way!). The next part is looking at your product suite – what are you actually selling, or what do you want to sell. So many people don’t really think about this step but it is so important to growing a good business! We define your product suite so that we can then think about what projects will help you sell them so you can make your profit targets! The project portrait is another favourite part of this process and the one that I return to the most in my business (I do actually do this process myself you know!). This is a way of getting ALL the projects out of your head and in to some kind of order.

Chapter Three – Getting Practical

In this chapter we get super practical about bringing this plan to real life and making it actually happen! We have defined the projects that will get you to your profit target so now we start to plot them out over the next 12 months so you know what to work on when – this is a game changer! THIS is what will make your projects happen in a really realistic way. Next we look at your content strategy and design your content schedule so that we can get the message out there and ramp up your visibility and drive those brides to your website! This means you will know what to post, when and where. Content is such a key part in your growth. Next, we design your daily and weekly working schedule so you actually have the framework to work to, knowing what you are doing each and every day.

Chapter Four – Your Profit Plan

In this chapter we draw everything together we have worked on and create your new, super, profit plan! This is a way of keeping you laser focused on what you are working towards and how you are going to actually make it happen. This 2 page plan is a simple plan that you can look at each and every day to make sure you are growing your business and working on what you need to with the confidence that you have a plan that is right for you based on where you are right now and where you want to be.

Chapter Five – Business Love

In this chapter I give you a little bit of business love because I guarantee that ALL of the things you are feeling and all the barriers you have I have had and other people have as well. We ALL go on the emotional rollercoaster of being a business owner and sometimes you just need some business love. In this chapter I talk through somethings that may be holding you back – we bust through those barriers. I also teach you how to fit YOU into your business and we look at your growth mindset, a critical piece of the puzzle.

How does all that sound?

If you are still reading this email then I think you KNOW that this course is right for you. You can enrol in the course right here and save £40 if you sign up before the end of May. The course costs £60 and that is for instant access to all the lessons and the workbooks so you can get stuck in straight away. You have forever access to this and all future updates so even if you are not looking to get your plan on in the next few weeks, secure it at this low price and just get stuck in when you want to.

I know you are ready for this.

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