What makes you smile?

Either a little smirk, a little flutter in the heart or a full-on, big, double chin inducing smile?

When did you last do something that was for you, that made you smile?

For me, the little joys in life are what makes my days special. Because every day is special. We can hold off from doing things, from opening things, from eating things because we are waiting for a special occasion or some magical time when it feels like we deserve it. We deserve little joys every day because that is what makes life special. And when we acknowledge that every day is special, we start to enjoy every day much more.

This is also true for your wedding business. The little stuff matters. The little things you can do to induce a smile on your bride’s face, to make them giggle, to make them smile from the heart, to make them realise that you are a supplier that understands what love means to them, what their marriage means to them.

I have two tasks for you this week.

  1. Think about what makes you smile and do it every day. It may something as simple as buying a posy of flowers and having them on your desk whilst you work. It may be lighting a candle when you sit down at the end of the day. It may be buying AND READING that favourite magazine that you haven’t for ages. It may be writing a letter to a friend or picking the phone up and having a good old chat with someone you haven’t spoken to for ages. It may be sitting down and doing craft, even for just 10 minutes a day. Make time for the little joys in your world.

  2. The second task is to think about what you can do in your business to help create the same feeling for your brides. Perhaps something you could introduce to the service you offer them. Perhaps a little email you could send them to make them smile. Think about what you can do to be memorable.

So, make time for those little joys because life is worth it. Every day is worth it.




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