How to Start a Wedding Business – The Product Brainstorm

25 JULY 2017 // BIZ SH*T

Let’s be honest, when you even think about starting a wedding business you can easily be pulled into overwhelm. So many ideas can sit in your head and you can get overwhelmed by getting stuck in the logical “How will I make this happen?”.

But I want you to stop. For a second. And I want you to lock your logical mind away and let the creative side of your brain kick into action.

The product brainstorm

For you to start a business you need to have something to sell. You need to be able to say to brides “You can buy this from me and this is how much it is”. This is not only good for your brides, it is also good for your confidence because when you have a set product with a set price, you can practice being comfortable asking for that price and this helps your pricing mindset and your overall confidence – trust me.  Bespoke is good, but bespoke leads to lots of unknowns for you and your brides so when you are starting out, have a simple product/package that you can feel confident about selling.

But how do you get to this point? What should I offer?

This is where the brainstorm comes in. I want you to move away from your usual working space. Take up home in a coffee shop for an hour or go and sit on the kitchen table (not literally!) or work from the sofa – the idea is to go somewhere that inspires you.

Then just start to let the ideas flow. Ask yourself the following questions, with no judgement, no filter, no how or why – just the what.

What would I LOVE to offer/make/create?

What ideas have I got?

What has prompted me to start doing this business (often it is because you have seen a gap in the market – what is this and what can you create to fill it?)

What products do I want to make?

What additional ideas do I have about these products?

What are the angels to sell these ideas?

Just keep asking yourself WHAT.


Then, once you have done the product brainstorm, you can move onto the who and the why.

Who would buy them and why?

Keep asking yourself why, like an annoying 5-year-old. Getting through the levels of why will get you down to the real reason people will buy.


Need a little help? If you need help getting these ideas out of your head, reach out to someone who works in the same creative space as you. Or, if you would like a different view point, book a 1:1 session with me where we can get crystal clear on your offerings and get those ideas out of your head. You could book yours here >>>  These sessions include an hour strategy call, an action plan and a 15 minute follow up call to make sure you have taken action and to keep you accountable!

Go get your brainstorm on! I would love to hear how you get on.

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