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Welcome back to Tip #2 in the Valentines Biz Growth Series! In blog post #1 (read it here) we talked about Pinterest and how that can be a great place for brides to find out about you. Today I wanted to talk about other social media channels that can be good for you in addition to Pinterest.

Social media is the ultimate free business tool and we are so very lucky to have this at our fingertips – literally!

I know that it can feel like you are “doing” social media all of the time and it can feel like you are talking to no-one but you never know who is listening!

If your social media feels like a full time job at the moment, you need to think of a different way of doing it. Personally I schedule my posts in at the start of everyday as part of my morning business housework and then have set times during the day when I jump in an interact with anyone who has commented. This works really well for me so perhaps give that a go. The other way is to spend an hour every week writing and scheduling your social media in one go so all you need to do throughout the rest of the week is engage and interact with any comments.

A little word of wisdom when it comes to social media – it is better to focus on one or two social media channels and do them really well rather that spewing over all of them and doing them half arsed

Key components of a successful social media strategy:

  • Post consistently, at least once a day (for more guidance on this click here)
  • Post good quality content (which basically means content that your brides are going to love)
  • Don’t just sell, sell, sell – show your brides you know your stuff by commenting and sharing ideas, trends, thoughts, wedding wisdom
  • BUT…don’t be afraid to sell – you need to tell your brides that they can buy from you!
  • Use a mixture of text posts, memes, photos and – shock horror – video if you are brave! (Read how to do memes (those pretty little picture things you see!) here and how to do FB Live here)
  • Engage with people who comment – not only is this great for connecting, it also helps the social media platform like you – it’s all about the algorithm *which is basically a little piece of magic that no one really knows how it works!*
  • Know your purpose – the millennial bride uses social media to plan her wedding so stay focussed on this when all feels hopeless!

In addition to Pinterest (read yesterdays blog) my two favourite social media for wedding businesses are Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s talk Facebook for a moment:

Facebook still remains a fantastic place to hang out for any wedding business.  It will not only help get you found (if you post consistently), it will help brides to get to know you more. Let’s say this newly engaged bride has asked her recently married friends for recommendations – they are likely to say “Oh yes, [insert your biz name] was brilliant! Here is her Facebook page!”. They will scroll down your feed and know immediately whether you are the right person for them. So, if Facebook is your tool of choice, then post consistently and post stuff that these newly engaged brides will love!

Let’s talk Instagram for a moment:

Instagram is also a great place to get found as brides are using it more and more as a search tool. There is one big difference with Instagram – you need to have really good pictures to use on this platform because it is a highly visual tool. Instagram is a great way of telling the story of your business, personally I love it but I am a very visual person. Hashtags are key to getting you discovered on Instagram so make sure you use them – don’t be shy! The other key thing with Instagram is again, posting consistently, once a day. Word of warning…don’t batch post in Instagram because it works like a newsfeed so people will just unfollow you if there are suddenly 10 posts from you in one go and then nothing for a week.

Which one to focus on?!

If you are confused on which social media to focus on, check out the visibility tool here where you can choose the best one for you.

Your action!

Look at which social media channel is best for you – where are these newly engaged brides going to be looking for their suppliers? Use the visibility toolkit for this:

Pre-schedule in some posts now for Valentines Day to make the most of this proposal season! Perhaps make a “Who’s getting married? ME!” meme that brides will share! (Watch this tutorial on Canva if you are not sure how to do this!)

See you on Saturday where I will talk about another way you can get visible with those newly engaged brides!

Emma Etheridge


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