How Online Shops Could Boost Your Wedding Business Sales

11 FEBRUARY 2017 // BIZ SH*T

Welcome to Day 3 of the Valentines Biz Growth Series! So we have covered social media over the past few days because that is the #1 place brides will start their search. Read Tip #1 Pinterest here and Tip #2 Social Media here.


Today I want to talk about ONLINE SHOPS

Brides to be will spend a lot of time searching for suppliers on 3rd party shop sites such as Not on the High Street and Etsy. Are you on these sites?

If not, then have a think about whether they would work for you. This comes with a massive word of warning – don’t just go off now and start doing online shops in a knee jerk reaction – consider carefully whether they will work for you BEFORE you invest any time in them.

If you are not a product service, you can still look at the likes of Etsy to consider whether you can offer your services through the platform. There are lots of service based suppliers on Etsy and it could be a great addition to your business generation.

Anyone can become a supplier on Etsy and when I had my wedding stationery business it is how I ended up working with brides in San Francisco, in Italy, in Switzerland and all sorts of wonderful places in the UK from my little studio in Birmingham. Amazing. Becoming a supplier on Not on The High Street takes far more commitment and there are lots of hoops to jump through so consider this carefully before investing too much time and effort – you need to know it is right for you.


Today I want to focus on Etsy because I know it works!

 The pros of using Etsy:

  • You are taking advantage of the investment they make on SEO
  • You are reaching an international audience of brides
  • You have a captive audience who are looking for what you offer
  • If your website shop is not quite ready or your website is not up to scratch, this is a great way of you selling without the effort!


The cons of using Etsy:

  • You have to consider the % they take and make sure that it doesn’t dip too much into your profits (if it does you need to increase your prices because you are not charging enough!)
  • You have to update items every few weeks so that you appear higher in the searches – you have to carefully craft the descriptions you use for your products and services to ensure they have the right key words etc (which is not a bad thing!)
  • You need really nice images to stand out


Making Etsy work for you:

There are lots of things that go into making this work for you, if you would like me to go into this in more detail, comment below and I will add it to the blog schedule, but here are my top 3

01. The way you describe your products is crucial – you need to GRAB the brides attention straight away, you have no way of seeing who has clicked to your items unless they contact you so you need to do as much as you can to make it irrestible for them!

02. You have to use beautiful images to draw the eye in a busy search result

03. You need to keep adding new projects or updating descriptions so that you appear in the searches

 Using Etsy can really drive sales to your business and is a great additional income stream for you to consider if you have not yet.

Your action

Take an honest look at whether Etsy would work for your business. Set the timer and spend 30minutes taking a look around the site and see what you could do to be part of the action. If you don’t feel like it is for you, don’t waste any time on it. If you do, then plan in when you are going to start to open that shop.

Remember, those newly engaged brides will no doubt be spending time looking on there so don’t dilly dally if you feel it could work for you – make it happen!

If you need help to get a project such as this from your head into practical actions that will actually get it done, then my Get (sh)It Done programme may be just what you need.

Don’t forget to come back Monday when I will talk about another way you can get in front of those newly engaged brides as part of the Valentines Biz Growth series.

Emma Etheridge


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