How Wedding Fairs can Grow Your Wedding Business.


Welcome to day 4 of the Valentines Wedding Biz Growth Series. So, we are looking at ways that you can get in front of those newly engaged Valentine brides. They have opened the Pinterest account, searched on social media and online shops now what do they do?



After the EEEEK of engagement has subsided a little (and the bride has got used to the new rock on her finger), the next thing they do is google “local wedding fairs”.

Now, I know that wedding fairs get a bad rep. Sometimes they are brilliant, sometimes they are naff. However, if you do them right, they really can fill your order book and I say this from a place of knowing as this is how I grew my wedding stationery business when I first started. I went to wedding fairs, I got email addresses from brides and I followed up with newsletters. And I still get enquiries to this day so I know it works!

Wedding fairs are a great place to connect with newly engaged brides because that is when they go – when they are in the mooching phase (or the tarting phase as I like to call it! Read more about that here >>>).

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So what is the bride wedding fair cycle?

01. Brides go to wedding fairs when they first get engaged (and this is when they are free and easy with their email address, signing up to anything and everything to do with weddings and this is where you can get them to sign up for you so you can keep in touch with them with wonderful newsletters)

02. After they have been to wedding fais for the past 10 sundays they get bored and stop going.

03. They may go to a few more closer to the wedding date if they still have some services to book BUT if you do not capture brides at the beginning of their wedding planning journey you are less likely to convert them to booked brides

Wedding fairs only drive sales if you follow up! It’s that simple. And by follow up I don’t mean one sales email sent. I mean sending emails consistently that add value and that build the know, like and trust factor with brides and grooms.


STOP for a second though ...

Before you go off and book onto tons of wedding fairs, there are lots of things to consider before investing in a wedding fair and that is a subject for another day, however here are just 5 reasons WHY wedding fairs are great for growing your wedding business

01. They are a real way for brides to see touch and experience the quality of your service

02. You can start to connect with brides by being friendly and helpful and just your most wonderful self! Brides will fall in love.

03. Brides will be happy to give you their email address if you offer them something wonderful to sign up for (this is your freebie – a little pressie you give your brides like a printable checklist)

04. You get REAL access to REAL brides which means you can see what they want! You can see how they react to what you have to offer and this can help you make really informed decisions about your products and service

05. You get to mingle and speak with other suppliers which is great for your sanity (!) and also for possible collaborations in the future.


01. Have a Boss think about whether wedding fairs could work for you IF you follow the points in the free guide (Download here >>>)

02. Do some research for you some wedding fairs that could be perfect for attracting your ideal bride

03. Plan it in as a strategic project – a move that will help you grow, not just a “I’ll give it a go!” kinda thing. Make the most of it!

The key thing with wedding fairs is follow up! Come back on Wednesday for the next blog in the Valentines Series and you may read more about that!

In the meantime, download my free wedding fair guide which you can get instant access to. I also will send you a bonus sales ninja training video class which I know people find really valuable. Download here >>> 

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