Your Wedding Business Needs Your Voice.

27 MARCH 2017 // YOU & PEP TALK 

Your business needs to have you entwined in it. Your voice. You. ✋  No one else.

What do I mean by voice?

 I mean the way you write, the way you come across, the way you represent your brand. You see most brides and grooms will find you online, on your social media, on your website so they won’t see or hear your actual physical voice BUT they will read it. The words you use, the way you say them, the personality you inject into your words will paint a picture of you and this is what I mean by your voice.

So you know you when you land on a website and you read the pages and they just feel like they are talking to you? It is because the person writing that copy, those words, have added their own voice to what they have written. They haven’t copied, or worked of a template, they have written as they would talk and this helps brides to connect to YOU. And this connection is really important.

So think of ways that you can add your voice into your words with a simple trick – read your words out loud and see if they sound like you, if they don’t, then have a play and make them sound like you because this will help you attract the right brides t o you.

Emma ❤️ x


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Emma Etheridge

Emma is The Wedding Biz Coach. Working with wedding professionals all over the world to help them grow their wedding businesses. She teaches more than just the what and the why. She teaches the how. She teaches the invisible aspects of running a business, of being an entrepreneur. Her approachable nature and easy to learn style means that once scary strategies become non-scary. They become do-able, achievable. Nothing is impossible.


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