You do know you don’t need to do this business building journey alone don’t you?

It is more fun when there is someone with you.

It is easier too. We like fun, and easy. 

If you do, read on my dear wedding biz friend.

Emma Etheridge The Wedding Biz Coach

The Wedding Biz Club: The online community for wedding biz owners who want to be part of something. A place of support, connection and EDUCATION.


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(Because that is how EVERYTHING begins)

A story of a girl who set out on an adventure. An adventure to start her own business, to create something amazing from scratch (because every successful business starts there). She opened the special notebook she had bought to help her lay out her journey and stared at the first page filled with a heady combination of nerves, excitement and a pinch of WTF?

But she was ready because she always knew she was destined to do this. When sitting at work, in meetings, doing work she liked but didn’t love, working hours on end to furnish someone else’s pocket, she knew she wanted more. So, she took the scary leap and started to make this daydream, this niggle of more, into something real and actual. She went for it. Reading books, searching on You Tube, learning thing after thing, listening to podcast after podcast. She knew a business wouldn’t just fall into her lap – she needed to learn stuff to make it happen. She went through the most bizarre feelings of emotion, from being confident, motivated and super inspired to totally and utterly overwhelmed and doubting in whether this could work, all in the matter of minutes! The rollercoaster of emotion that no one can prepare you for or understand unless that have been on it!

She wanted desperately to talk to someone who GOT IT. Someone, anyone who understood what she was trying to so and someone who would give her the hope that it could work. She was a little fed up of seeing the perfect stories others were telling on their Instagram and Facebook feeds. She spoke to her husband, her friends, her cat but no one really knew what she was talking about – she was the only one with her own business in her circle of lovely people. They all just thought she was making pretty stuff and swanning off for lunch whenever she fancied it “Oh I wish I was as lucky as you”.  “No you don’t…!” she would scream inwardly with a grimaced smile on the outside. They couldn’t see the stuff that was happening underneath. The invisible stuff, the mind stuff. The daily treadmill of running a business. And just how hard it all was when all she wanted to do was create! The beautifully curated Instagram profile was all staged to perfection, the Facebook Biz Page was all happy smiley positive because that is what people want to see right! It was what she wanted people to see. She needed other people who understood.

This is where the safety of her four walls came in for support. She had strived to live this flexible life, going from the confines of the corporate environment to total freedom. Waking up every day, doing what she wanted to do – to a point. But that is where she also came unravelled and she knew she would fail if she didn’t pull it together and stop feeling lonely on this scary adventure. Suddenly going from complete structure to complete freedom. Going from accountability and responsibility to setting your own accountability and being responsible for every single part.

This girl, let’s call her Emmaily, she KNEW she could do this – she had the desire, the passion, the will to do it all and she did have the faith that it would work. She knew she could make the daydream come true but she was absolutely petrified with the vastness in front of her. The confusing different approaches to what she should be doing. “Why is there not ONE path to follow that will work for me?”

After newbie entrepreneurial breakdown #1 Emmaily gave herself a good talking to and told herself that she could do it – she just needed the belief and she needed to find support. Other people who really truly understood the journey she was on, rather than the well-meaning friends and family saying “wouldn’t it be easier to get a proper job”.

So, she went on a mission and she found something that would change her self-employed world. An online community of other women who were building their dreams too. And the rest is history.

This support gave her the belief, the business friendships that she craved and the direction she could take that would grow her life, her biz and her as a business owner, in the way she wanted. That was when the penny dropped. There was no ONE WAY because it wouldn’t have worked. She realised that she had to find her own way but now she had the support from others who understood, she knew that would not be a problem.

From this group of like-minded female dream makers, she got super focussed on her path, just from the support she felt. Having a safe happy place to come to ask those silly questions, to ask for advice, to just talk biz in an open and honest way with real actual people. This community was more powerful than she even could have anticipated.

So, she started the next chapter of her adventure and the story is still growing.



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Wedding Biz Club: The online community for wedding biz owners who want to be part of something.

Are you ready for a place of support, connection and EDUCATION.

Here are just some of the courses you get inside


You need to have a community around you to make all of this stuff fun and easy. You need people who get it, who are on the same road and who, are also in the same industry because this wedding industry is different to any other. BRIDES BUY DIFFERENTLY. You have a smaller window of opportunity to get in with them. You need to understand this marketing from a wedding industry perspective.

For me community goes hand in hand in running a successful wedding business and I want to invite you into mine. If you have found this training series useful then you will absolutely love it inside of The Wedding Biz Club.

My monthly membership community that is just for those in the wedding industry. A place of support, connection and education.

You have access to a whole library of videos and resources that help you build each part of your wedding business from creating a bride welcome pack, to sending newsletters to social media to pricing to creating stunning graphics – the list really goes on.

Each month we have a new bride boosting bundle which focusses on one topic of your business growth. We have weekly office hour calls so you never get stuck on anything for too long, I jump in and help you. We have a monthly masterclass and an online planning retreat every single quarter to help you plan at critical points of the year. You get accountability, community, support, education but most importantly, you get to build relationships with other people who are on the same journey as you and who genuinely understand your frustrations and celebrate your wins.

It’s super easy to join us, click the link below, even if you sign up for one month and then decide to leave, there is no long term commitment here. But I reckon you will love it inside.

By the way, I am in there to. This is not a HUUGGGEE group of people that you get lost in. This is a close-knit community and a community I am very much part of. I am there everyday and you get access to me every week. 

I can’t wait to get to know you.


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I’m Emma and my passion is helping wedding business bosses build super duper successful wedding businesses, using simple things that work. Because I believe that there is pure beauty is simplicity. It is easy to over complicate and to over analyse and these two things stop businesses growing. I have helped hundreds of wedding business owners over the world build their business, their confidence and their love for what they do. I know that you reading this now has what it takes to build a beautiful business. How do I know? Because you wouldn’t be on this page, reading this paragraph right now if you didn’t.

Business is fun. But it is also hard work and you need someone to help you, hold your hand and take away some of the strain. You see, you are not meant to be good at this marketing stuff. At this design stuff. At the writing stuff. That is not your passion, your love. Your skill is your passion and your love for what you do. Whether you are a cake maker, a dress designer, a venue, a planner, a stationer, a photographer, a stylist, a musician, a wedding wonder – that is your skill. But you need this marketing stuff to get that skill out into the world and it is my mission to help wedding business owners get their love, their passion, their skill out there so brides can fall in love. And when they fall in love, they buy.

I worked in the corporate world for 16 odd years as a marketer, focusing on words, focusing on business development and focusing on client experience. I got fed up of the rat race, the silly hours, the fact that I didn’t feel fulfilled. I knew there was more for me. That entrepreneurial spirit burnt deep inside my belly. So I followed the desire and left the corporate world and I started a wedding stationery business. Which I loved. Absolutely loved. The more I worked in the industry the more I could see that suppliers needed guidance, support and help so that they could share their passion with the world. That is when I became an educator, a coach, a mentor – working with wedding business owners to help them grow their business, their self-belief, their confidence and their bookings.

You see, you can do this. You just need a hand to guide you.

Emma Etheridge The Wedding Biz Coach



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