A planner designed for the wedding industry

£32 + P&P


A planner designed for the wedding industry, that gives you space to plan for wedding bookings and see your pipeline whilst keeping you on track with your goals and making sure you take conscious action for your growth. Monthly space to plan your marketing, your content and your projects & lots more.

The planner is designed with simplicity and focus at the core, making it flexible to you and your style whilst giving you a framework to work to that will make you weeks productive and focused. With weekly, monthly and quarterly reflection to keep you in alignment with your goal & plenty of space for creative thinking.

When you buy this planner you get more than the physical product, you get exclusive access to an online resource hub which has extra resources, videos & printables to help you grow your wedding business in a simple, easy and fun way. You will also get monthly emails with key awareness days for the coming months & ideas for maximising engagement opportunities throughout the year to help plan your content and promotions. 

The planner runs from January to December but is un-dated as I strongly believe that you can start taking charge of your future at any time of the year, not just in January.


  • A5 in size
  • 100gsm inside pages
  • Sturdy Gold Wire-o-binding
  • Hardcover
  • Clean, simple design
  • 3 part planning system
  • Access to online resource hub
  • Monthly marketing emails
  • 360 pages


  • Clear goal setting to keep you focused throughout the year
  • Clarity on your why and your direction
  • Year at a Glance
  • The Big 12 month Plan
  • 5 Year Wedding Booking Pipeline
  • Wedding Booking/Enquiries log
  • Stats Tracker
  • Biz Successes Tracker
  • Monthly sections for 12 months
  • Key priorities
  • Monthly calendar
  • Monthly to do list
  • Monthly Wedding Orders
  • Monthly Marketing
  • Monthly Content Plan
  • Habit Tracker
  • Weekly To do lists
  • Weekly social media planner
  • Weekly Review
  • End of Month Reflection
  • Four Quarterly Reviews throughout the year
  • Plenty of white space for creative thinking
  • Simple layout so you can flex to your style, week to week, month to month
  • Access to bonus printables and wedding biz growth classes in the online resource hub
  • Monthly email with key dates for the coming months & ideas for maximising engagement opportunities throughout the year


Being a business owner is undescribable to anyone who isn’t one. It is a strange concoction of excitement, fear, worry, joy, overwhelm, exhilaration, self-destruction, passion, reflection, pride…the list goes on.  Add to this being a business owner in the wedding industry and there are a whole load of other emotions that boil to the surface because it is a different industry to anything else out there. Exciting, exhilarating, exhausting & hard work. That is why you need different tools to support you.

One thing that can help you grow in your business is having a planning system that works for you, that works for the industry that you work in. Over the past few years I have worked on the system that allows me to reach my goals year on year and I have designed this planner to help you do the same.

Making time for what matters to you in your world.


You can do this

I am excited about this planner because I KNOW it works. You have got this beautiful.

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