Are you clear about the products/services you offer your brides?

When I first start working with a client I ask them “What can people buy from you right now?” and they often stop and ask “Shouldn’t we be starting somewhere else first?” But no.

Here are some of the reasons why your products are key to your growth:

  • The products / services you offer are the lifeblood of your business because they are where you make your money and money is what keeps your business breathing.
  • The projects you do in your business have to link back to your products / services – everything you do has to link back to getting someone to know about your product/service and then they can buy it.
  • The products / services you offer essentially build your life because they are what you are going to be spending your days doing when you get the orders in. Many people don’t even think about this bit!

Yes, you have to make sure that the products you actually offer are what the market needs and wants and you have to make sure that you are making money off the products you can selling BUT before you can really assess that, you need to know what you offer so you can get in alignment with it and build your business in a way that makes sense.

So, are you clear about what products / services you offer?

Here are some questions to think about:

  1. Are you clear about the path that your buyers go on to buy these products?
  2. Is there a clear enough difference between what you offer?
  3. Does the product/service mix make sense for you, your time, your business and your customers?
  4. Are you offering a host of things that don’t flow together well and feel a little disjointed?

Taking time out to look at your product/ service mix and getting it right is a really important step in the process of growing your business. Getting clarity over this one piece of the puzzle will make the rest of what you do easier because your products will shape the marketing you do, they will shape the posts you put on social media, they will shape the text you have on your website, they will shape the projects you work on, they will shape it all.

Instead of thinking “What can I post on social media today” you can look at what you have for sale, what your customers can buy from you and think “Oh, I could write about this today!” so you are never stuck for content ideas. You can flip the focus so that your marketing becomes easier and more connecting to your customers.

By really looking at what products / services you actually offer you can see whether you are doing too much for too little profit and whether you need to relook at the processes you follow.

For example, let’s say you are a wedding stationer and you have 20 different designs but you are struggling to sell any of them. My suggestion would be to reduce the collections down to a focussed number of say 5/6 designs that become your “House Collection” or your “Signature Collection” and you get really really focussed on marketing them and getting super efficient with the way you produce them so you can increase your profits. Then, if you want to add new collections you can launch them as the “Spring Collection” for example so that you have something new to market, but only once you have really nailed down the house collection. Does that make sense? Think about how this could work for you in your business and what you offer.

Having a defined list of the products / services you offer (inside The Curate Process I call this your product suite) also makes it easier for your brides to pick what they want rather than them being confused as to all the possible options.

Do you need help to figure this crucial step out?

If yes, then I got you!  Inside of my Curate your Year Online Course we go through a process to brainstorm and define your product suite based on the profits you want to make in your business and the work you actually want to do. The exercise is simple yet powerful – just like the rest of the course. Once we have your product suite defined we can figure out what projects will actually grow your business, with your products / services at the heart of them. You can read more about the course here >>> and if you sign up before Friday you get a whooping £40 off the course which is 5 Chapters of wonderfulness that will help you sort out your head and get you growing.

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