Hard work and commitment

Let me get real with you on this Sunday evening. Please don’t hate me.

  • Building a business takes hard work*.
  • It takes commitment.
  • It takes falling** and picking yourself up again.
  • It takes working on consistently*** and it takes focus.

I would LOVE to say that there is a quick way to grow & build the business that you want. I would LOVE to say that if you do this ONE THING everything will change dramatically.

But you know what? Building a business is hard. And you have to put the work in and be committed to making it happen.

You may look at other people and they “they have it sussed”. They very well may do but I can pretty much guarantee that they are either putting on a good show OR they have put in the hard work and commitment to get to the point where they can find the balance easier.

If you find that week after week you have not moved forward you NEED to look at the reason why. You need to look at the excuses you are feeding yourself. You need to ask yourself the question “Do I actually want to make this work?” and be really honest with your answer. I am not saying this so you turn round and give up, I am saying it because sometimes you need someone to give you that kick in the pants to say “Come on girl, you can DO THIS but before you can, you need to BELIEVE it aswell.”

*Hard work doesn’t mean horrible. It means getting stuck in and taking conscious action. Action that means something and that will move you forward. Hard work can be fun, especially if you surround yourself with others who are doing the same.

**Falling does happen in business. Sometimes more times in one day, one week, one month than you would like but it does happen. But you gotta learn from those falls and see how they can help you improve next time. Falls can give you cuts and grazes but these cuts and grazes are all part of remembering your story. Like the random chickenpox scar you have from when you have it as a child. It is part of you.

***Consistently doesn’t mean working day and night. It doesn’t mean being a slave to the desk, to your brides, to your emails. It means showing up on a regular basis, whatever that regular basis is for you. You would have started your business for one of many reasons and you need to make sure that your business allows you to do the why you started your business. So you have to build your schedule around that but you have to be strong with yourself and be consistent. Stop letting those excuses slip in. “O,that can wait till tomorrow…” How many times do we say that  week…!!

There are things that can make your business building adventure fun and enjoyable though – it’s not all doom and gloom I promise! In fact, having your own business is wonderful, really really wonderful.

Here are three things that can make it soooo much better:

#1 Having a community of people around you who “get it” and who are on the same journey. If you miss community, support and want to learn the how to of building a wedding business then why not join us inside The Wedding Biz Club >> http://www.weddingbizcoach.com/weddingbizclub/

#2 Having a path to follow to make the next step easier. OK, so there is no “one size fits all” approach to growing a wedding business BUT there is a clear route that you need to follow to ensure the actions you are taking are in the right order. If you want a simple to follow, do this then do that checklist of how to start, build and grow your wedding business, at your own pace, then The Path is perfect for you >> http://www.weddingbizcoach.com/path

#3 Pretty stationery! Because that just makes everything better… The Wedding Biz Planner is a planner designed for the wedding industry, in consultation with real wedding business owners. Grab yours here >>> http://www.weddingbizcoach.com/weddingbizplanner/

Let’s make this next month and beyond TOTALLY epic!


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