What is a Membership Club anyway?


You may have been hearing me talk about The Wedding Biz Club over the past few weeks which is my monthly membership club and I thought I would write a post about what a membership club actually is, in case you were wondering (because it is not a silly question!).

What is a Membership Club?

Put simply, a membership club is a really cost effective way of growing your business in small, bite sized chunks that are easy to digest and implement. There has been a real rise in online programmes over the past few years and I am sure you have noticed this. Many of these courses cost a decent chunk of money to do and even though I am a very strong believer in investing in your business, not everyone has the budget, or the time, to do an intensive course.  That is why membership clubs are so great! Because they are often low monthly expense which is more do-able when you are starting or growing a business.

Why are they so great?

Other than the low cost, there are lots of other benefits to a membership club, here are just some of the benefits that I offer inside mine.

  • You get support from other people who understand. Many membership clubs are filled with like-minded people who are all joining together with one purpose and that is powerful. Inside my club, everyone there is in the Wedding Industry and this makes the support even more focussed on your own business growth, because the Wedding industry is different to any others out there!
  • You get support from someone who knows. Inside my club I am there, daily, pushing you along your journey and getting you set on your intentions and actions. We meet virtually once a week in the office hours call so you never get stuck on anything for too long – I am genuinely there with you, not hiding in the background.
  • There is no long-term commitment. Inside my club you can stay for as long as you want and leave whenever you want to, no questions asked. This is a monthly rolling subscription, just like a magazine or gym subscription I suppose. You simply sign up, stay for as long as you like and then to cancel your subscription you log into your account and stop the payments. Simple as that! No guilt. No pressure.
  • You can learn when is good for you. Everyone has a different lifestyle with different responsibilities and to grow your business you need to be able to learn what you need when is good for you – whether that be at 7am in the morning (sorry, I am still in the land of nod then!), at 11am when you have warmed up, at 7pm when you carve out an hour to do some biz stuff or even at 2am in the morning when you just can’t sleep (I have been there and done that!). You get access to everything inside of a Membership Club online which means as long as you have internet connection you can learn whenever and wherever.
  • You can build relationships. Some membership clubs are HUGE and you can get lost in the noise really easily. For some, this is absolutely fine and there is nothing wrong with that, but for me, I like the feel connected to people and that is why my club is not overrun with people, this gives you the chance to build actual real-life connections with people.
  • Opportunities to work together. Because of these connections, you can get to work together to build your business. I know that in the past members of my Club have worked together on styled shoots and collaborations which wouldn’t have happened had the relationships not been there.
  • You can jump in and take action when you have that 30 minutes. How many times have you sat down and said “Right, I have 30 minutes to figure this out and get it done!” and then got lost in YouTube tutorials, Pinterest articles and make no progress. Having access to the course inside a Membership Club means you can log in, find the class, watch and take action! Whoop! This means you grow your business quicker because it is easier to take the action.

How does a membership club work?

I can’t talk for every membership club out there because they do all work differently but this is how mine works:

  1. You sign up on a monthly subscription which means you pay the first month the day you sign up and then you pay the same amount every month on that same date until you cancel (which you can do whenever you like within my club – there is no contract or notice period to leave) e.g. If you signed up today (15th August) you would pay £25 (or £20 if you sign up before Wednesday 16th August as the Club is on special offer) and then you would pay the same amount the following month on the same date, so the 15th
  2. When you sign up you get a welcome email from me telling you what to do.
  3. You get access to the online portal which is where all the trainings and resources are held (see below for more on this)
  4. You come and join the Private Closed Facebook Group to become part of the community which is where you connect with like-minded women in the wedding industry
  5. You fill out the Business Path questionnaire which helps me to help guide you as to which bride boosting bundle you should do first (because there are a ton of resources inside the Club and I want to help you get moving as quickly as possible)
  6. You get your learn on and start to grow your business!
  7. You get weekly emails from me with updates and invitations to any client only trainings.
  8. You come along to the weekly office hour calls so you can ask me any questions and I help you there and then (these are also recorded)
  9. Each month you get a brand new course which helps you build your wedding business
  10. You work through the business path set out inside of the Club and start to make changes one step at a time which help you grow your wedding business the right way

What is this online portal?

Oh, I am glad you asked! I have invested a lot of effort into upgrading the membership portal for you so that it is beautiful, user friendly and wonderful to use.

When you sign up you will get instant access to two core courses which will keep you busy until the new portal is ready to reveal which will be w/c 21 September.

You will have a personal log to the Wedding Biz Club portal which is unique to you and you can access the portal anytime, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world and from any device (as long as you have internet).

The portal has all of the trainings right inside, in a super simple and easy to look at format. Here is a sneak peek…

How does it work each month?

Ok, so each month you get a new Bride Boosting Bundle which is a course on something that will help you grow an aspect of your wedding business. For example, this month we are talking about getting your message right for your website and your sales conversations, next month we are talking blogging and the month after that we are going to write, create, design and set up your freebie (so that you can grow your mailing list and get more brides booking). Inside of the Club at the moment there are 16 + courses on all sorts of things from newsletters to design your portfolio to creating a welcome email series to bride experience – tons of stuff (super practical stuff!)

  • We have weekly office hour calls so 4 a month.
  • You get a weekly email from me with the action for that week in line with the bride boosting bundle focus for that month.
  • You get a monthly masterclass on something to help you in your business (productivity, time management etc)
  • You also get access to new resources throughout the month.
  • We also have a quarterly online planning retreat every 3 months to help you plan at critical points during the year.

Every membership site is slightly different but the main thing about all of them has to be the community – the power of this cannot be underestimated. I know of people who have been in my club, grown their business and not even taken any of the course BUT the community alone has been the value they have got from the course.

What are the bride boosting bundles?

They are essentially individual courses on topics that will help you grow your wedding business.

In the past we have covered:

  • How to book brides with newsletters
  • Connect with your brides on Facebook Live
  • How to be super productive in your wedding biz
  • Create gorgeous graphics to attract brides
  • Craft your bride book me page
  • Using powerful testimonials to book brides
  • How to create content that attracts your brides
  • How to write an about you page that connects you and your bride
  • Wow brides with your welcome email
  • How to set pricing in your wedding biz
  • How to use Instagram to book brides
  • The power of Facebook
  • How wedding fairs can grow your wedding biz
  • Design your portfolio magazine
  • How to craft a message that matters
  • + more!

The courses include short, sharp classes that walk through each step and have clear action points to follow. There is always a workbook or course material to help you implement the actions and grow your business and any other resources you need.

There is the #askemma feature too so you can reach out and ask me any questions as you work through the bundles.

I can honestly say that membership clubs are not only a powerful and cost-effective way of growing your wedding business, but also your own confidence as a business owner. Entering a community of others who genuinely get you and understand the journey and the industry is powerful.

If you have any questions at all about the way a membership club works then just drop me a message below and I will be pleased to help you figure out if this is right for you in your business.

Join us over in The Wedding Biz Club and give it a go (remember, there is no contract so you can cancel at anytime).

Emma x



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