Sometimes things just don’t go to plan

Do you ever have one of those days or weeks when everything seems to go against you Emma? Things happen that you hadn’t planned for, things take longer than you expect them to, things go wrong, things that you cannot control take over. You just have one of “those” weeks.

I kind of feel like that today as I write this and as I look back on my week just gone (a little ritual I do every week with a cuppa and my trusted Wedding Biz Planner).

Some fabulous things happened this week, like really awesome things, but, even though I am aware of them I always lean towards the negative. I always get fed up about the things that happened that were not really in my control at all.

I naturally tend to focus on what went wrong.

This could be the learner in me. I am always looking to learn and when things go (technical term) t*ts up I want to know how I could make it better.

It could also be the perfectionist in me (which is something that I know holds me back). Not saying that everything I do is perfect, far from it, but I always strive to do my best work so when that doesn’t happen, I get frustrated with myself.

It could be the negative nelly part of me coming out with a louder voice than the one that blows my own trumpet (I have never been very good at that bit of being a human, I don’t think many of us are).

Do you resonate with any of these Emma?

What is the point of this rambling?

Really it is to say that we are all the same. If you feel like you have had a rubbishy week then it is normal. Sometimes you can’t put your finger on why you feel like you have had a rubbish week. It could be just the way you feel, the time of the month or (if you are a sensitive soul) the moon phases.

But only you can identify whether you want to continue to feel like that or, instead, whether you want to release the week and start next week fresh. Only you can change your mood. Only you can reframe a situation so it becomes less frustrating. Only you can shape how you want to feel.

Yes, you may have external factors that add to your mood but only you can control whether you allow them to infiltrate into your mood.

So as you sit here reading this blog post, think about out how you want to feel tomorrow when you wake up. What mood do you choose to be in? Because it is a choice, no matter what is thrown at you.

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