What Season Are You In?

28 AUGUST 2017 // BIZ SH*T

What Season are you in?

Seasons have a major effect on our mood and our productivity – don’t you agree? I am writing this sitting in my garden with the sun shining down and I feel inspired to write. I feel connected. I feel at ease.  But I don’t feel like this all year.

We know what to do when each season comes – we know that the summer will be lighter nights, lazy summer evenings in the garden, holidays (often). We know that when winter comes we sit in front of the fire, all snuggled up under blankets watching films and drinking red wine (OK, so red wine is an all year round thing!).

But what about the seasons of our business and of our life – do we consider them in the same way?

We all have peaks and troughs of working, even more so in the wedding industry. You cannot keep the constant work work work all year round, you have to have some downtime otherwise you just burn out *hands up who has been there at least once!*.

If we started to look at our business year in sense of seasons, I think we would be far better off as businesses owners and as individuals to (because the person behind your business is important to you know – hint…that’s you!).

Everyone has a time of year they love – a time of year that really fills them with inspiration – you may love the summer and feel zhooped up (is that a thing – yeah let’s make it a thing!). It makes sense to do your most creative work at this time – perhaps you are a stationery designer, if the summer makes you feel happy and alive, then do your new design work in the summer.

It may be that personal events make you feel different at different times of the year. Perhaps you have a month a year that means something big to you personally, perhaps someone has passed away or you have had to deal with difficult time in your life. You need to allow yourself this time to heal and you need to understand this in your business seasons so that you do not over book or over commit yourself to things when you should be taking some time.

It may be more practical – if you know you are booked out every weekend for the next three months then you need to not take on any new projects or ideas, park them until you have the time and the energy to do them justice. How many half-done projects do you have sitting the the notebooks on your desk or the files on your computer? This is not because you are rubbish at seeing things through (which we can all feel guilty about right!), it is more than likely because you jumped into the project without considering a few other things first, like whether you have the energy and the time to see if through with everything else you have on your plate. Don’t feel bad about it – we all do it (trust me on this one!) but for your own sanity as a business owner and as someone who is on this crazy journey of being an entrepreneur, give yourself a break. Start to look at your business plans in line with how you feel at certain points of the year.

Your business seasons.

Think about them and line up projects that sit in the right time.

Do things that feel good at the right time and don’t try to force it all of the time (I say all of the time here because there will always be things that you need to do that you don’t really want to {but you can pivot – read this blog post here} like your accounts!).

Start to listen to your body and your mind and go with the flow of it, stop trying to go against it. Your gut always knows the answer (especially when that answer is chocolate!).

For me, now, I am going into my creative season. I am going to be writing lots, creating new things and letting it flow to me. What season are you coming into?

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