Your Branding is your Attraction Tool

10 NOVEMBER 2017 // BIZ SH*T

Let’s talk Branding

Your brand is your attraction tool. It is what makes brides stop and look. It is what gives “the feeling” as to whether you are the right fit for them and for what they want to experience as part of their wedding.

I like to think of your brand as the cover of a book. There are lots of books you could buy when you go into a bookstore (or, let’s be honest, when we sit in our PJs on Amazon!). Too many in fact. So you have to cut the choice down and your natural instinct will be to go with the book that has a cover that appeals to you. It may be bright and POW in your face. It may be clean, crisp and minimal. It may be fun and quirky. But you will only pick that book off the shelf IF the cover has made it stand out amongst the others and has appealed to you. Martha standing next to you may go for a totally different book because that book appeals to her.

So your brand, to start with, is the wrapping of your business.

It gives that instant feel of what kind of service you offer, whether you are luxury or cheap. Whether you are modern or traditional. Whether you are for that bride or not for that bride.

I feel strongly that the success of a business can lie in the branding. Yes, the content and the products and the service has to be amazing to BUT if the cover isn’t attracting your soul-bride then the story inside doesn’t matter.

Action Time

Your mini brand review

What do you want your brand to say about you?

Describe your perfect brand in 3 words.

Does your current brand reflect that?

If not, what instant changes can you make to improve that?

If it “kinda” does then think about how you can further enhance your brand to attract your soul bride to you.

Now your brand needs to be the backbone throughout your business. It is more than just a pretty logo and pretty colours, it is your voice in a busy industry, it is what attracts brides to you.

I love branding and could talk about it for ages so if you have any questions, just email me and let’s chat!

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