Are you really clear on your big why and do you connect with it each and every day?

It is all too easy to just plod along and do “stuff” because “stuff” is what we do. But we don’t really want to live like that do we? We are self-employed for a reason – and connecting back to that is so very important to making intentional decisions in your business.

You see when you are clear on your BIG WHY – the reason you are building what you are – it keeps you focused on working towards that and achieving that.

Being clear on your why is key to what you are doing. Why do you do the business you do and what is the deeper why of it all?

Everyone’s why is different and that is really beautiful because it shows that no one business is the same. You may have started your wedding biz because you wanted to get out of the corporate rat race (that was one of my reasons). You may have started your business because you were forced to, one way or another, but you still chose to do it which means you have the passion and the drive. You may have started your business to get you more freedom and flexibility in your life, taking the little ones to school, picking them up, looking after someone – whatever your reason.

Your big why is WHY you do what you do for you. Yes, you may provide wonderfulness to your brides but WHY do you do what you do.

Having clarity about why you do what you do helps push you forward when you need that kick in the pants. It helps to pull you out of the despair when you feel like giving up (because we ALL have those days!).

It helps you to stay focused on your goal and the importance to you of achieving what you set out to.

You may reflect on your big why every now and then, or even just at the start and the end of a year. But I want to challenge you to do something that makes this so much more powerful. I want you to get clear on your BIG WHY and the CONNECT with it each and every day. Have it written somewhere that you can see it, have it somewhere that you can read it, connect with it at the start of each day. This is so powerful, trust me.

Over the past 12 months, I have done exactly this. I wrote it in the front of my planner and looked at it as the first page each and every day and the power that this has had on me is amazing.

This stuff works, and that is exactly why I have included it as one of the first pages inside of my beautiful Wedding Biz Planner Front and center so you can connect with it every day.

You can get your copy of The Wedding Biz Planner today and start making this part of your everyday.


With love





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