I have created the #Weddingbizboost to help you move forward right now. Not next month. Not “Oh I’ll give it a go in 2017, that will be my year”. I want to help you take action in your wedding business that is going to start making a difference to you and your beautiful biz NOW.

Each pack includes

// A Peptalk from me (a kick up the bum following by a nurturing + motivating hug)

// An action workbook

//  An email everyday from me for 5 days with a practical action to take that day to move you forward with the goal you have chosen

// A set of resources, tutorials and tools that will help you

// A virtual high five at the end of the week

// Daily live Q&A sessions held on the Wedding Biz Coach Facebook Page so you can ask me any questions so you do not stay stuck.

So, what do you need to do?

So, all you need to do is look at the 5 options below and choose the one that will help you the most right now. Click on the button, enter your details and job done – you will get an email from me telling you more.

A plea from me: Please only choose one of these packs. This is not because I am mean but because I want you to take action on ONE thing. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. Choose One. Take Action. Achieve. OWN IT!


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Emma Etheridge

Emma is The Wedding Biz Coach. Working with wedding professionals all over the world to help them grow their wedding businesses. She teaches more than just the what and the why. She teaches the how. She teaches the invisible aspects of running a business, of being an entrepreneur. Her approachable nature and easy to learn style means that once scary strategies become non-scary. They become do-able, achievable. Nothing is impossible.

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